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How To Cope With Lockdown This Easter

by Lisa Jones
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I honestly never thought that we’d still in be in lockdown by Easter, but here we are. Obviously this wasn’t the Easter that any of us had all planned but that doesn’t mean we can’t make the most of it.

I’ll be completely honest, I don’t actually have many ideas for this post. But I’m sharing with you the plans that me, Daz and Little J have over Easter with the hopes that it might give you some inspiration.

Buy Eggs – Chocolate, obviously

It doesn’t matter of you have to buy your own Easter Egg this year! If you normally buy eggs for friends or family, maybe buy them gift on Amazon instead or see if they would like the money popped into their bank account so that they can go and pick up the eggs themselves when they go food shopping.

I popped to Sainsbury’s on the day I started writing this (I’m not going to mention how much I spent – I’m still in a bit of shock now) and got me, Daz and Little J an Easter egg each to enjoy on Sunday. If they actually last that long. They probably won’t.*

*They didn’t.

Dress Up

As someone who’s style at the moment is ‘ultra comfort’ and who normally pushes the limit to the number of days between a hair wash you can imagine what I have been like over lockdown. However, I will be making an effort on Easter Sunday to wash my hair and put a nice outfit on. It’s so easy to just put the comfies on but it’s amazing what a difference it makes to your mindset to actually get dressed.


We are going to enjoy a roast dinner on Sunday. Fair enough, there are 3 of us, but even if it just for you, still cook yourself a roast if thats part of your Easter tradition! I know it’s not the same, but if you purchase frozen food it won’t be wasted. And actually, you can get proper tasty frozen roast potatoes!

An idea that we’ve also had is to FaceTime our family whilst we’re eating our dinner. Even if you decide not to have roast dinner and you have beans on toast, still get on faceTime with your family or friends and enjoy your dinner at the same time. If anything, it will give you laugh!

FaceTime Friends And Family

A mother sat on the sofa with a baby and toddler, holding an iPad

FaceTime/Skype/Facebook messenger/Whatsapp – however you do it, it really does keep you connected! Get your mates or family together and do a quiz! There are apps available or you can make your own and pick someone to be a quiz master.

You could even stick a film on. Just because you’re not in the same room doesn’t mean you can’t watch a film together.

Easter Egg Hunt

If you normally do an Easter Egg hunt with your family, this year doesn’t have to be any different! If you’re not able to or don’t want to buy so many eggs why don’t you have an arts and crafts afternoon and make some out of cardboard or paint stones instead? Or you could go on a bunny hunt (if you have enough soft toy bunnies!) or teddy bear hunt.

Don’t Neglect Your Mental Health

Make sure that you still looking after yourself and your mental health! It really is so important right now. Have a look at the below posts for hints and tips:

Drop All Expectations

We’re all going through such a strange and scary time at the moment so try not to fret! Do the best that you can but don’t worry if things go wrong or you can’t keep up with all of your regular traditions. It’s fine, it’s just one year. And, hey –

At least it’s not Christmas.

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