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Looking Back At September

by Lisa Jones
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Welcome to my next ‘Looking back’ post – Looking Back At September 2020! If you missed the first Looking Back where I explained it, the first post of each month will be a monthly round-up of the month before. That’s a lot of month in that paragraph!

I actually had quite a busy month in September! This never happens to me 🤣 I normally struggle with what to tell you but I’ve started writing everything down that I do in a month! It’s a good thing I did too, as I had already forgotten a lot of the things that I did at the start of the month.

Anyway, let’s get into looking back at September, shall we?

Seeing Friends and Family

Oooh for once I have so much to tell you!!

My mother-in-law and I took Little J to Beale Park. Unsurprisingly, Little J was not bothered with the animals AT ALL, but he loved being able to have a run around and play in the park. He ADORED the train. So much so, that he threw a tantrum when it came to getting off!

Little J is looking at the camera and smiling excitedly.

I also met up with my sister and two nephews for a lovely Morning/Afternoon at a National Trust Garden and picnic. It was lovely, apart from Little J deciding that he didn’t want to do anything I said and continuously ran off!

We had my (grown-up) nephew and his lovely girlfriend pop over for some lunch one day and I also had a picnic at a local park with my best friends. It was so nice to sit in the sun! Little J took a little nap which allowed me to catch up with them both which was very kind of him!

And finally, we started back at some groups this month! We had a session of Caterpillar music and Little J started football! He hasn’t a clue what he’s doing but he loves kicking the ball, so that’s the main thing!

Phew! That was a lot!

(Just to be clear, this was all safe and socially distanced. My health and the health of my friends and family will always come first.)

My Weight

I feel like I’ve been so good recently! I have managed to cut out snacking (it’s a miracle!) and I’ve only had one or two drinks! I’ve got to say, I am incredibly proud of myself!

Starting Weight in May – 14st 2lbs

June’s Weight – 14st 5lbs

July’s Weight – Didn’t weigh!

Todays weight – 14st 1lbs

Yes, finally!!! I am moving in the right direction! I am so happy.


My DA went up 1 point from 11 to 12!!! 🥳 And then went back down again at the end of the month 😭 I’m pretty gutted but I WILL bounce back from this.

I also gained two new email subscribers! 🥳🥳

As you might be aware, I took an Active Blogging Break towards the end of September. I hadn’t planned to have a break, but I felt like I was burning myself out/chasing my own tail and I felt like I needed a break from posting for a while. I was still writing and producing content behind the scenes though.

To help me stay focused, I made a list of everything that I want to achieve in my blogging break. When I made the list it didn’t seem that much. But actually, when it came down to doing it, it was A LOT. These were my break goals:

  1. Create 1,000,000 pins – Not really, but I do want to create a lot so that I can get ahead of myself.
  2. Update old content – I want to make sure that my best and more popular posts are SEO friendly and also implement everything I’ve learnt.
  3. Write up posts ready for October and schedule them including social media
  4. Come up with ideas for November and December
  5. Finish and start implementing everything that I have learnt from Jenny in Neverland and The Navigato

Did I manage to do it all?

  1. Create 1,000,000 pins – Alomst!
  2. Update old content – Yes, I updated any cover photos that I no longer liked and made my top posts more SEO friendly
  3. Write up posts ready for October and schedule them including social media – Yes!
  4. Come up with ideas for November and December – Mostly!
  5. Finish and start implementing everything that I have learnt from Jenny in Neverland and The Navigato – This one is ongoing and also kind of falls into number 2 as well. So, yes lol.

Did I Achieve My Goals?

These were my goals that I set in August:

  1. 800 Blog views – Yes! It happened! I thought that I had screwed myself over but taking my blogging break, but I still managed to get a good trickle of views in the last week and I hit 833! Thank you so much!
  2. Complete ‘Blogging Mindset Mastery’ by Jenny in Neverland – Yes! It was amazing and I’m feeling super inspired and motivated!

Goals For October

  1. 850 Blog views – I don’t want to jump up too high after the success of September, so let’s see if I can better last month with 850 views.
  2. Post to Instagram 3x a week – I do tend to ignore my Instagram quite a bit, I’m not really too sure why. If anyone wants to help me boost my numbers you can follow me here 😘😘Also, if any bloggers know of any good cheap (or free!) presets let me know!


And I’m done looking back at September. For once I had a busy month!

I feel ready going into October. I thoroughly enjoyed my active blogging break. Trying to schedule posts onto Facebook and Twitter, create Pins and do writing was causing me stress! In my break, I was able to just write and come up with new ideas. It reminded me of why I enjoyed blogging in the first place.

Thanks for looking back at September with me. Have a great month!

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Live, parent, teach, repeat 04/10/2020 - 9:37 pm

Well done for achieving so many blogging goals as well as entertaining a little one! Don’t think I could have done that many moons ago!

Lisa Jones 06/10/2020 - 9:58 am

Thank you so much! I think I might have been having a lucky month, I’m not normally this good!! 🤣🤣

Carol Wilkinson 04/10/2020 - 9:27 pm

Looking back at September wow you did amazing and little J enjoyed his day out with you and crazy nanny 🥰🥰🥰 his smile saids it all 🥰

Lisa be very proud of yourself you’ve cut back on your snacking well done and are going in the right direction with you weight keep this up you can do it I look forward to seeing what you achieve in October 😊

Tons of love 💓
Carol xxxx

Lisa Jones 06/10/2020 - 9:56 am

Thank you so much Carol. I know, his face on the train is a picture, isn’t it?! He was not happy about getting off though!!

Yes, hopefully I can carry on being good with regards to the weight loss. Going slow and steady (hopefully!!) xx

Marion Jones 04/10/2020 - 8:42 pm

Wow brilliant post. Full of content. Easy to read keep going cannot wait to read what you do in October ❤️

Lisa Jones 06/10/2020 - 9:54 am

Thank you! Probably won’t be a busy this month, last month was a one-off 🤣🤣


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