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New Year, New Me? No, thank you…

by Lisa Jones
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New year, New me?

How many of us made New Year’s resolutions this year? To be a fitter, healthier, better version of ourselves? And how many days did it take to break those New Year’s resolutions?

I’ve been reading up and it does appear as though people generally give up their New Year Resolutions by around the 3rd weekend of January – according to Tyla anyway.

New Year New me - scales
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I honestly get so fed up when I see the New Year, New Me posts. Hey, I admit it, I used to be guilty of them too! I used to want to become a completely different person because I was so unhappy with who I was. But I’ve come to realise a few things since suffering from mental health issues. And I think New Year, New Me is bad for our mental health.

And here’s why

Why do you want to change? Why do you want to be a ‘New You’? Answer honestly. Are you doing it for yourself or for someone else? I have no problem with self-improvement at all – if you’re doing it for yourself. I think it’s great that you want to improve yourself but why would you want to be someone completely new? Here’s the way I think about it:

By saying New Year, New Me, we are basically saying that we are not okay the way we are. And unless you are a terrible person who does some truly questionable things what’s wrong with the old you? They made you who you are today. Mistakes make you who you are. At the end of the day, you regret the things that you didn’t do rather than the things that you did do.

The old you has got you through 100% of the worst days that you have ever had. The old you is strong, how do you know the new you will get you through those bad days?

Breaking resolutions

Empty wine glass - We've all been there!
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If you do make resolutions though, how awful do you feel when you break one? You feel like you’ve failed, then fall off the wagon completely, right? Why? You’ve made one slip up – maybe you missed a day at the gym, maybe you had a glass (or 3) of wine on a weeknight when it was only meant to be at weekends, maybe you had a pizza when you were meant to be on a diet. I’ll let you in a little secret – IT’S GOING TO BE OKAY!

My Conclusion

Breaking a resolution doesn’t mean that you have failed. We’re only human at the end of the day. Just pick yourself back up and carry on. You’re not starting again, it’s just all part of your journey. You can’t expect it to all be plain sailing. And if you do, I’m sorry to tell you, but it’s not realistic and that’s not how life works.

Remember, you are amazing. As long as you’re doing the best you can, nobody can ask you for any more.

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