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Must be Love…..

by Lisa Jones
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On the 6th of December, me and Darren celebrated 10 years of being together. 10 years! So, I’m going to talk about our relationship in this post.

Let’s go back to the start

I first met Daz in November 2009 when I was 21. I remember that day so well. Me and my friend went ‘out out’ on the spur of the moment. We got ready at her house, drinking Caribbean twist (this was 10 years ago remember!) and eating Maoams, then off we toddled into town, on a sugar high.

We started our night in Chicago’s (2-4-1 on all of their bottled drinks, need I say more?). Whilst in there, we bumped into one of our friends, George, who had mentioned Daz to me before, but I had declined to be set up with him. He said that Daz was out tonight and took me over to introduce us.

Daz says that he will always remember meeting me that first night. He just had a vision of a short, blonde girl dancing up to him, a bottle of Budweiser in each hand. Classy bird, right? We said hello, and had a little chat. I remember taking my friend Vicky to one side and saying, “just be ugly, okay”. Vicky is beautiful and next to her I felt like a bit of a troll!! I liked this guy!

Me and Daz spent the night dancing and having a few drinks. Things were going great until Daz went in for the first kiss and I backed away from him! Don’t worry, after some awkwardness and some more flirting he got his goodnight kiss.

The first few years

A younger Lisa And Darren smiling at the camera in a dark room
Our first ever picture together

The first few years of our relationship had their ups and downs. We got engaged very quickly but didn’t actually move in together until almost 5 years after we first met! We would bicker like any couple does but would have the odd full-blown row if large quantities of alcohol had been consumed (usually me 🙄).

After about two years of being together, we began to argue on a regular basis. Although we loved each other, we felt like our relationship wasn’t actually going anywhere and we questioned whether we should still be together. We made the decision to end the relationship there.

Nahhhh, of course we didn’t! We loved each other so we worked to make changes in our relationship. We decided to actually get our wedding booked and finally moved in with each other. 7 months after we moved in, we got married.

And this brings us right up to date with my first ever blog post I shared with everyone.

I’m going to get extremely soppy now, which is unlike me. So, if you have a weak stomach, I suggest you stop reading here 🤣

A love letter to my husband

To my Darren,

Where have those 10 years gone?! It honestly does feel like only yesterday that I danced up to you in that club. I never believed in love at first sight but the moment I met you, I just knew that you were the one. Soppy, right?

The next day I can remember telling my mum all about you, I didn’t stop smiling. I even remember telling my driving instructor about you. I was obsessed!

For better

We’ve been through so much since that day. We’ve had our good times – our wedding day (obvs); our holiday to Tenerife when you proposed, on the pretence of showing me the bins; Harry Potter world; Shrek Adventure Land; finally moving in together.

And not just the big days either, I remember years ago, one Christmas eve, trying to nap in my single bed at my mum’s house and just laughing and laughing about nothing. I remember when we had just painted our living room and we tried hanging our wedding photo back up. ‘Be careful’ you said, seconds before we accidentally bashed it against the wall. Oh, how we laughed. We had to put the frame down because we just couldn’t control ourselves.

For Worse

There haven’t always been good times though. We’ve had our fair share of arguments disagreements, (don’t even get us started on the film Inception), struggling with infertility, which was hard on you too but you always made sure that I was okay first.

And when I was suffering so badly with my anxiety and depression. I can’t have been easy to live with. It consumed me for a while and it didn’t leave much space for anything else. But you always looked after me and helped me. You were so understanding. I don’t think that I would have gotten through it without you.

I know that I drive you mad a lot of the time. The fact that I cannot be anywhere on time, the fact that I never apologise. The fact that I constantly change my mind about everything all of the time. There’s one thing that I will never change my mind about though, and that’s you.

I feel safe when I’m with you. Wherever you are, feels like home (🤢). I know that I can fully be myself with you and I never need to hide my feelings or emotions. We have always been a team, me and you, and now we are lucky enough to have an extra member join our team with our Little J.

I said I love you after only knowing you for a week and I will never stop telling you just how much I love you. Thank you for being you Darren and for allowing me to be me.

I love you,

Lisa xxxxxxxx

P.S. Would mind doing the washing up and putting a load of washing on, please?

My Conclusion

The saying is that love hurts, but I disagree. Love doesn’t hurt, losing love hurts. Having your heart broken hurts. Love makes things better. It can also make you stupid, but that’s a different matter.

Lisa and Darren smiling at the camera, Lisa in a black and white jacket and Darren in a blue shirt

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