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My Wedding Day

by Lisa Jones
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Black and White photo of Lisa and Darren holding hands on their wedding day. The photo has been taken from the floor, so their hands are in focus and their faces are out of focus

Cover photo by Keith Longman Photography

24th of May was my wedding anniversary! So to celebrate, I’m taking a trip down memory lane and talking about my wedding and sharing some of my wedding photos with you!

I understand that talking about weddings right now isn’t the best of timing due to Covid-19 but as it’s my wedding anniversary it made sense to talk about it now if that makes sense? I just want to say, if your wedding has been cancelled or postponed, I am so so sorry. You WILL get your big day and it’s going to be amazing.

If you need any wedding advice, head over to Real Wedding, they know what they’re talking about!

Wedding Fayres

We planned our wedding for about 2 years in advance to give us time to save for the day that we wanted.

We must have visited 50 wedding fayres in that time! It was only at one of our local ones in the Community Centre that we found our Photographer, Keith Longman Photography. I even went to The National Wedding Show in London with a friend of mine.

Poor Daz was sick of Wedding Fayres by the time our wedding came around. Whereas I still get excited when I see signs for one now 🤣

Wedding Hair and Make-up

I LOVED my wedding hair! The picture I have is from my hair and make-up trial. I was gutted that I didn’t a picture of my hair on the actual day.

It was kept in with millions of bobby pins which poor Daz had to take out (whilst very drunk, I might add!) I still have a few of those pins left now, which I still use. I’m pretty sure I’ll still be using them by our 10 year anniversary.

My Dress

So we very nearly had a disaster with my wedding dress. I bought it at my local wedding dress shop on sale. It was a sample dress, so other brides had tried it on, but I loved it! My budget was tight and it only needed a little clean.

I bought the dress about a year before the wedding and I could fit in it. When I was having the alterations done a few weeks before the wedding, I could no longer fit in the dress. I had to go on a major ‘healthy eating’ plan.

So then we move on to the next issue. The seamstress. She said that she would take the dress up as it was about 3ft too long and alter the straps slightly as the didn’t sit flush with my back. She also said that she’d clean it for me.

I picked the dress up 3 days before the wedding. I wasn’t given the option of trying it on as she had another appointment. It seemed fine, so I paid and went on my merry way. But it was not fine. One of the straps was not right and she hadn’t cleaned it!! How had I not noticed when I picked it up!?

I went panicking to my mother-in-law. Thankfully, she managed to sort the strap (thank you so much Mummy Mal!!) and poor Daz and his mate (thank you Scott!) drove around finding somewhere to get it dry cleaned in 24 hours! (I was at work so was unable to do it myself!)

I actually do wish that I had made a complaint about this woman but I just couldn’t be doing with the extra hassle at the time.

Wedding Reception

I danced alllll night I think. I regret not getting a pair of flats or flip-flops though! My brother DJ Dan Bird was our DJ so I knew that we’d be in good hands with the music!

There was one part of the night though where I wasn’t able to find Daz at all. I had people say to me – for at least 20 minutes – ‘I’ve not seen Daz for ages, where is he?’ I had no idea? He wasn’t in the hall, he wasn’t in the bar area and he wasn’t in the toilet.

Well, someone mentioned that he might be in the other bar area. The bar area with a T.V. The T.V which was showing the Champions League Final match between Real Madrid and Atletico Madrid.

Well, this won’t do at all. Spurred on by my sister Laura we went on a manhunt for the absent husband. Off we stomp out of our hall (we got married in a hotel) and round to the bar area, talking loudly about how bad it was that Daz had left the wedding and was watching football. Only it wasn’t the bar area. We were heading into the restaurant area where people were enjoying a quiet meal. Oops!

After a hasty retreat, we marched in the other direction to the bar area. And there we found him, pint in hand, watching the football. He was like a deer in headlights and didn’t know which way to turn. I soon marched him back into the hall!! 🤣🤣

The Honeymoon

My parents had very nicely paid for our honeymoon as they knew that we couldn’t afford one. On our wedding day, my dad handed over the tickets and told us that we fly out on Wednesday 28th and what time, which airport we fly from and even said that he would drive us to the airport. Perfect ❤️

On the Tuesday before we were due to fly out, I decided to look at the tickets, just to double-check all the details. It said Tuesday 27th. Something wasn’t right, I wasn’t looking properly or something. I checked the date again. I checked the date on my phone. There was no mistaking it. We were meant to be on the plane right now, but here I was, sat on my bed in a towel as I’d just got out of the shower. Shit.

My poor dad had to franticly make calls to get it all rectified and get us on another flight. We finally flew out on the Friday and had an amazing honeymoon and visited Camp Nou. Thank you Mum and Dad!

And that was some of our incredible wedding. I wish that we could go back and do it again. I loved being a bride and all the lovely perks that go with it! I’m not going to be all soppy as I did that in my post Must Be Love.

Here are some of our beautiful wedding photos:

Now we’re off to stuff our faces with a massive anniversary feast of prawns, ribs, pulled pork, cookie dough pudding and bottle of red wine and Prosecco. Yum!

My Wedding day Pinterest pin

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Shelly DS 12/07/2020 - 08:25

Yikes! Almost missing your honeymoon must not have been fun at all!

Lisa Jones 12/07/2020 - 14:40

Oh my goodness, it was such as drama at the time, but looking back we can laugh about it now!!


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