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My life through the Covid-19 Pandemic

by Laura Wallace
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Its so nice to talk to you all again. I hope this finds you well.

I thought I would start with something that’s obviously current at the minute, how it affected our family and how I felt when my husband and I were told we are essential workers.

The Start

I remember when I first started to hear about Covid-19 in China. I had all the normal thoughts, oh those poor people, hope they get through this, bet it was because they were eating animals they shouldn’t…!

31st January the first 2 cases of Covid-19 are confirmed in the UK.

Now, as we go on through the following week’s, life pretty much carries on as normal while cases all over the UK are being confirmed.

5th March the first Covid-19 death is announced.

I was trying to get 7 and 9 to sit and watch the news the best they can, as this dreaded wave of uncertainty flows through my body and honestly, fear.

What is this? How did it get all the way from China? Will my family get it? Will I get it??

As I, and I’m sure lots of other people blur through these next few weeks, there are more confirmed cases, more deaths, and the panic buying starts.

As a family of 5, mostly comprising of hungry boys, I struggled to get even the basics. I also follow a gluten-free diet and I couldn’t get anything!


16th March, Boris announces that all non-essential travel is stopped. Anyone vulnerable is to self-isolate, all non-essential shops to close AND schools!

It was about this time that I found out myself and my husband are now classed as ”Essential workers” and my children would be going to school.

Wait, what? Don’t I have a say in this? What if I don’t want my children going to school? What if I don’t want to risk going to work? How will my employer keep me safe? How will my children’s school keep them safe?

Honestly could feel myself starting to get very overwhelmed with it all so I just said STOP! Stop watching the news, stop looking at newspapers and just deal with what’s happening right now. I stopped worrying about everything and stopped thinking the worst (my mother will agree, I’m awful for it!)

I just focused on what I had to do right in this moment.


A table with a spotty table cloth is in front of a back unit with school books. There is a map of the world on the wall. The wallpaper is red and green flowers on a beige background
This was our little homeschooling station

I was going to work now full time as over 80% of our staff were self-isolating. Although my children were going to school they were not actually following any type of curriculum. After work, I had to come home and try to squeeze in a good hour of homeschooling!

I’m not complaining as I actually quite enjoyed that time with them. It was calming and brought me back to the centre of my little universe.

By 27th March I had finally managed to do a full shop. The looks I got!! I wish people were not so quick to judge. I’ve got 3 strapping young lads to feed who are always hungry!

Now don’t get me wrong please, I am very grateful to be in a job at all, let alone be classed as an essential worker. I know there are a lot of people out there that have not been so lucky.

As the next few weeks also blurred by I watched in complete disbelief and horror as one business after another falls victim to Covid-19, more and more people lose their jobs, people struggling to feed their families.


8th April, My mother was rushed to Hospital with suspected Covid-19.

She doesn’t have the best health to start with so this was a real blow. No one was allowed to see her for obvious reasons. Luckily she had a test and it quickly came back clear and she was home in the next 2 days.

For this, I am always grateful, for my health and my family’s and friends as I am very sadly aware that this is not the case for everyone.

My mother ended up in the hospital again the following month with something unrelated to Covid-19, another rather stressful time for us all as the virus was still very much going strong.

I had completely changed my outlook on Hospitals. I used to say that its the best place to be, but with the virus, I then felt it was the worst place if you were not suffering from Covid-19.


Hats off to all the Doctors, Nurses, GP’s, care staff, porters, cleaners, pharmacy staff, receptionists and anyone else that I’ve missed. You truly are the best of the best!

In this very difficult time and whatever else we have to face in the future;

Take care. Be safe. Stay at home and protect the NHS.

Simply be grateful for what you have. Hold dear and cherish your loved ones and fondly remember the ones we’ve lost.

Thank you so much for reading and speak to you all soon.

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Cover Photo by engin akyurt on Unsplash

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1 comment

Marion jones 25/01/2021 - 19:57

Love the honesty in this post . This pandemic is affecting not only the adults but the children too especially under ten years . How on Earth can you explain that one minute it’s ok to play with your friends and the next it’s not. Under fives who are now living at home and having no social contact or stimulation, just breaks my heart. Keep up the great work you are all doing xx


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